Kings Science Academy, Lidget Green, Bradford

Kings Science Academy opened in September 2011. Currently, the Academy is operating from a temporary solution and will move to Lidget Green (in 2012),  an area considered to be in the 10% most deprived areas of England. The Academy was needed due to a shortage of secondary places. The Academy is supported by the Local Authority and the Local Councillors. Many Primary School Headteachers from the feeder schools wrote letters of support. The Academy also benefits from strong community support. Parents of current students regularly provide excellent feedback to prospective parents and the community about the quality of ethos and education that is being delivered in the Academy.Our cohort has a range of abilities and their background is predominantly characterised by low income and living in areas of economic deprivation. The ambition of the Academy is to  achieve outstanding academic results for our students irrespective of their background.