Kings Science Academy is a non-denomination and non-selective school with a high expectation ethos. The mission of the Trust is to offer outstanding character and academic education to students who live in socially and economically deprived areas.

The Academy delivers a core academic curriculum which focuses on the E-Bacc subjects English, Maths, Triple Sciences, Languages and Humanities. These subjects are compulsory for all students at Kings. Our motto is “Mores et Scientia” or “Character and Knowledge”. Kings delivers a character education programme and encourages students to develop leadership skills and strong character traits such as resilience, open-mindedness, charity and justice. We believe that our ethos of celebrating outstanding academic results and developing excellent character will help our students to continue their journey into higher education and secure rewarding careers.
Our mission is to offer an outstanding character and academic education to students who live in areas that are characterised by social and economic deprivation.

Leadership, pedagogical methods and strategies at Kings are innovative and performance driven. Teachers are committed to delivering quality lessons in order to produce outstanding results and progress for our students. At Kings, we aim to benchmark and excel in every area of our education plan and establish the kind of best practice our students and community can be proud of.

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